In the Reading Workshop our teacher Mr. McGuire was taking about what type of class you are.  The type of class our teacher is are you trustworthy can you be there for your friends and the biggie can you keep a secret.

I think I am classy because I can keep  secrets, I’m there for my friends when they need me and sometimes they are there for me.  A classy person is like Mr. McGuire 🙂 I believe that if his life depended on it he would keep a secret, wait I mean he can’t keep a secret if there was Conn’s Potato chips involved. 😉

Someone I think is a classy person Seth I think he could keep a secret and be there for someone if they where in the dump.  I think that he can be trustworthy.  Seth is ALWAYS THERE FOR ANYONE IF THEY NEED HELP.

What do you think a classy person is.  I want to know what you think of a classy person is.


D.A.R.E ESSAY 2010/2011

This year we were in DARE with Deputy Thomas.  We have to write an essay about what we learned in DARE and what you want to do next year while you are growing up in the middle school and high school.

DARE Stands for two meanings

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate

This as a 6th grader we got to be in DARE.  DARE was the most funnest thing we got to do in school all year while we are in class.  What I have learned in DARE is to take the right path in life where there is NO violence.

Being in DARE is something to be proud of because you learn what drugs are bad for, wait they are all bad for you.  When we go to middle school next year I am thinking about being in after school activities because when you play sports they keep you out of  trouble.

Deputy Thomas  taught us how to say NO. We did skits which is a little show.  We preformed a skit about saying NO.  Here is a little skit we did in class.

Billy bob:  Would  you like a smoke.

Fred : NO

Billy bob: Why

Fred: because it causes lung cancer

Fred: So you want to play some basketball

billy bob: Sure

I Nick promise to never  do drugs.

Camp Oty Okwa

The first week in May our whole 6th grade class took a field trip to Camp Oty Okwa.  When we first pulled up to camp I was wondering who would be in my group.  When we got to camp we didn’t get in groups right away we played a game.  While I was playing the game wondering who was in my group then the game was over.  Then the counselor put us in 5 groups.

When we found out who was in what group I was OK with it because I had at least one of my friends in my group.  I just didn’t talk to Jakob I talked to all of the students in the group that I got put in.

We got to be in a group that had one of your friends in.  In the group that I got put in I had a lot of student that take to at school.  At lunch and dinner we all take to each other like we were at home taking to our family.

On the first day we got in our class and our first class was Pioneering.  In Pioneering we got to make candles and headbands.  When we got done with making our headbands and candles and we all sat down and the counselor told us stories the pioneers told.

When we got done with the pioneering we went to Native American.  When we started Native American we took turns opening the boxes that were on the side of the trail.  At the end of the Native American we got to make a camera holder.

When we got to the rock wall was the most funnest time, but our group had 100% make it up to the top.  Some of the student in our group thought they would not be able to make it up to the top but they stand up there and pull their fear away and made it to the top.

When we got to lunch at the last day our whole group was taking each other and having all the fun we could have the whole time we was at  Camp Oty Okwa.

When we got done eating our lunch on the first day we went to the activities center and got our t-shirts and played basketball then left.  The most saddest part of all was leaving camp. 😦

The main character

In Reading Workshop we are writing a blog post and telling about how you are like the main character in our books.

The main character in the book is Greg.  I’m like Greg in many different ways.  One way I’m like the main character is he tries to be funny and know one pays attention to him.  Sometimes I can be that way,

Another way I’m like Greg is that he likes to play video games.  I like to play video games to I have all kinds.  There are more way I’m like Greg.  Another way I’m like Greg is he can’t be  away from his mom because she does every thing .  I’m the same way I can’t be away from my mom because she does every  thing.