DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  DARE stand for another meaning to, Define, Assess, Respond, and Evaluate



The Name Book I Wrote In Intervintion

Anna Loves Animals

Brad Loves Bananas

Cassie Likes Cats

Danny Loves Dinosaurs

Esteban Likes Easter

Fred Loves Football

Garry Likes Gram Crackers

Hannah Loves Hard Candy

Isaiah Likes Ice Cream

Jake Loves Juice

Kaitlin Likes Kittens

Landon Loves London

Michelle Likes Milk And Cookies

Nick Loves Nickels

Oliver Likes Olives

Peter Loves Pancakes

Quincey Likes Quarters

Rex Loves Rhinos

Steve Likes Snakes

Tristan Loves Tack Candy

Uhl Likes Underwear

Vicki Loves Vampires

Windy Likes Windes

Xander Loves X Rays

Yogi Likes Yogi bear

Zack Loves Zebras


Martha The Test Grader

The  Ohio Achievement Assessment Is coming up and we been getting ready.

I think this year when we take the Ohio Achievement Assessment I think I will do better than I did last year. I know I will do better than last year because we as a whole class have been working hard for the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

I hope Martha is not in a bad mood when she grades my test because I would like to pass like last but with a higher grade.


The Big Test

When we take the Ohio Achievement Assessment I will do every thing that we as a whole six grade have learned this year and the previous years.

When the Ohio Achievement Assessment rolls around I will use all the strategies we have learned like,

1. Go over the test when done.
2. Reread.
3. Go back in the passage.
4. give the best answer as you can if you don’t know the answer or haveing a hard time.
5. If you don’t know how to spell a word go back in the passage and see if the word is in the passage if not spell the best as you can.
6. Answer all questions.

The Ohio Achievement Assessment

The Ohio Achievement Assessment is coming up and I can wait because I DO NOT want to take it because I don’t like test.

Then again I want to get the test over so we can go to camp and have fun Day.  The Ohio Achievement gets in the way because students are all worked up about what they might get on the OAA.

When the Ohio Achievement Assessment get closer our teacher get all of the six grade ready.  But like I said every student and I will get a work up about the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

This year we have to take the reading test and the math test. Last year we had to take three test The math,reading and the sciences test so I’m glad that we have two test this year.


Reading Log

This is how many minutes we are to have at the end of the week or more.

Students must read at least 4 times/week for 15 minutes each day to receive at least a C. A = 180 + Minutes
B = 120 – 179 Minutes
C = 60 – 119
Minutes F = 0 – 59 Minutes or reading less than 4 times a week

* Required